We’ve been talking about it. You’ve been talking about it.

IV is the sum of the I, II, and III. Although sum implies bigger. Or predictable. Or expressible [producible] [reproducible] by formula. Whereas in fact mathematics is an abstract science.

Eaux Claires was never meant to be fully understood or easily delineated. We know it has a spirit; we know it has a feel. We know we can light up the marquee with certain names and that will precipitate solid mathematics. We’re excited about the names. But we’re gonna drib and drab it out, let it flow like smoke, because we want this festival to fly or fall on feel. It’s not about the bands, it’s about the collection of art and artists reacting with the collection of you. We’re less interested in telling you what it is than you making it what it becomes.

This is not the comfortable way of doing things. This is not an algorithm leading to a rocket ride. These are roots reaching for who knows quite what. But we’re gonna reach.

We also know we have to drape the experience on a structure. Pay the bills. Hit certain marks. Without a skeleton, we collapse. So of course there are tickets. A few of them right here, right now. More will be available in time. And more details, as well. But the most important detail you already know. The most important detail is you. You: willing to walk into a mix of art and sound and big and small and through the abstract science of the benevolent crowd, turn it into Eaux Claires.

Turn it into IV.





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EXC IV Admat