Art Announcements (Part 1)

Spring has come to the Chippewa Valley and we couldn’t be happier to share some news with you.  We’re beginning to announce the details of our art program. Eric Christenson from Volume One in Eau Claire has posted a great teaser that’s worth reading. You can find the link here:

Eaux Claires Art 2015

This program means a lot to us and begins to focus on some of the other artistic goals that Justin, Aaron, and myself sought out to achieve through the festival in its first year. I encourage everyone to participate, engage, and above all, keep an open mind. This is experimentation with an adventurous sense and will hopefully be a learning experience for all of us.

We’ll keep sharing, just keep checking in…

-Michael Brown (Creative Director)

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 2.42.44 PM

Let’s Break it Down

Over the course of the campaign we will be sharing content on our social media platforms and the Eaux Claires website—these posts will include many different actions to encourage and support voting. Key to success and central to the message: Act now; don’t wait until the last minute.