IV. Open Call For Art Proposals.

Dear friends, artists, and attendees,

We are now arriving at IV.

What an incredible journey you have taken us on. From the very beginning, we had unconventional ideas and intentions for this festival, and now we’re seeing those dreams slowly brought to reality. The creations, friendships, ideas, and pure joy that you have delivered to this festival have brought us to tears and laughter (sometimes both at the same time). This is why we are once again calling upon you: the dancers, architects, writers, students, designers, actors, inventors, and those of you few-and-far-between. Let this be a moment for your voice to be heard. Our open art call is truly an “equal opportunity” call – all forms of art will be considered and workshopped.

All proposals should be submitted to creative@eauxclaires.com by March 23, 2018

Full details for a proposal and the process can be found here:
Eaux Claires RFP – Open Call for Art Proposals

We are once again eagerly awaiting your submissions.
We’ll join you there…
– EXC Creative Team

Let’s Break it Down

Over the course of the campaign we will be sharing content on our social media platforms and the Eaux Claires website—these posts will include many different actions to encourage and support voting. Key to success and central to the message: Act now; don’t wait until the last minute.