“As an artist collective, VUCA represents the diversity of our beautiful state. Through our collaboration, we seek to illuminate the dark corners where we deny our frailty and collective struggles. 

In Elysian Fields, Amanda Hufff sings from the perspective of addiction. Many are quick to think of drugs and alcohol, but addiction is much more complicated and insidious than that. 

Right now, we are witnessing a mass addiction to righteousness. As a country, we are so confused by where our identities end and our humanity begins that we are incapable of hearing one another; driving wedges between families and communities. E Pluribus Unum, out of many one. True for VUCA and our country. We wish to inspire all of us to push past divisive, self-serving stories and invite richer, kinder, and more constructive conversations.” —VUCA

Let’s Break it Down

Over the course of the campaign we will be sharing content on our social media platforms and the Eaux Claires website—these posts will include many different actions to encourage and support voting. Key to success and central to the message: Act now; don’t wait until the last minute.